You Should Read This Book… (and a promotion!)

…if you know anyone who has struggled emotionally and/or suffered abuse.

…if you have struggled emotionally and/or suffered abuse.

…if you are the parent of a teen.

…if you enjoy Young Adult Fiction and are looking for something outside “the norm” of YA.

…if you are looking for a book that is edgy and honest.


From reviews of the book on Amazon:

“…shows the reality of what some teens are faced with on a daily basis. ”

“…takes issues of today’s teens and young adults and brings them to life in a powerful, realistic way.”

“…a must read especially for teens.”

“…portrays real life struggles and ways to cope.”


If this sounds like a book you would be interested in reading, then you’re in luck, because I am running a promotion on the Kindle edition this week!  Starting Monday, June 2, you can get a great deal on the book by heading over to Amazon.  Don’t delay!  Pick up your copy now!