Yesterday’s Writing

As I alluded to in a previous post, my afternoons have some dedicated writing time.  Yesterday my writing time was NOT spent on the current novel (no one was more shocked than I, I assure you).

Yesterday I spent writing time re-typing some poetry from several years ago, as I’ve decided to publish some of my better poetry in a small book.  I would also like to consider publishing some of my short stories, but I need to look over them to see if any are worth salvaging; I sincerely doubt any of them are publishable as is.

I felt a little like a slacker for not working on the novel today, but looking at the poetry was a good thing.  I haven’t written anything but haiku in several years, and reading back through some of it was somewhat inspiring.  I can’t help but think that will be a good thing when I get back to writing in the novel.