Writing Hurdles

(I am loving “Writing Hurdles” as a sort of… installment title, because it can be read two ways: you can read “Writing” as either an adjective or a verb, and the combination of both meanings is exactly what I seek to convey through these posts.)

Today I wrote the next (sequentially, that is) difficult scene in LTB:ES.  I love the feeling of accomplishment that comes with completing these emotionally demanding scenes.  And this book seems to have quite a few.

Another positive thing that comes from completing this scene is that the writing of this novel feels like it’s moving again.  The completion of this scene sort of… unblocks the pipe and allows for the free flow of the remainder of the story.

And with that hopeful thought, I am off to relax my brain for a little while, in the hopes that it might get sleepy sometime before morning.