What Does an Indie Writer Write About on Her Blog, Anyway?

I’ve been keeping a personal blog for years – several personal blogs, in fact.  Currently, I maintain a blog where I write about our experiences with foster care and life at my “job” (i.e. taking care of my five kiddos at home).  I’m no newbie to blogging in general.  I’ve also been writing avidly since writing my first story at the age of six.  So I’m no newbie to writing in general either.

But what does one expect to read when they encounter – or follow – the blog of an Indie writer?

I doubt you want to hear about my (2) two year olds, and how sweet they can be, or what their current obsession is, or their newest “cute” phrases, or how they just love to terrorize each other.

And I don’t think you want to hear about my five- and eight-year old girls would color ALL. DAY. LONG. if I let them; or how much my fourteen year old hates math and absolutely refuses to write anything neatly – even though I have PROOF that he can.

And you probably don’t want to hear about how all five of my children LOVE to read, or how the two oldest love to write, or how the oldest has been participating in the National Novel Writing Month Young Novel Writer’s Program for three years, or that his sister joined him this past year.  (Okay,you might be interested in that…)

Although, perhaps a snippet here and there wouldn’t be out of place.  After all, I’m not a writer only; I’m a writer who’s also a wife and mom (which include being Chief Financial Officer as well as chauffeur, chef, maid, and teacher), a reader, a pianist, and a lover of music, books, chocolate, wine, coffee, and tea.

So I suppose you should be prepared to get to know me a little more – mostly as a writer, but also as a person.