“To Have a Family”


“Family is everything.”


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Synopsis:  Ever since she was abandoned at the age of six, all Samantha Jenkins has wanted is to be adopted. But she doesn’t want just any family; she has a specific one in mind, one that isn’t possible for her. Join Samantha on her journey through friendship, loss, and the unexpected, as she learns what it means… to have a family. To Have a Family discusses family, foster care, adoption, and issues such as abandonment, attachment, and belonging – common issues that kids in general, and foster kids in particular, face on a daily basis.  Geared toward 8-12 year olds, it is a fun story that gives kids and adults alike plenty of important things to ponder, without a heavy feel. To Have a Family contains a set of discussion questions at the end to promote thoughtful conversation with parents, teachers, and peers.

Rated 5 Stars by Reader’s Favorite!

Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite To Have a Family by Leigh Michaels speaks about the importance of family in one’s life. It emphasizes the true value and role of family and how important family is to groom and nurture each one of us. Samantha Jenkins lives in a children’s home. She has been in there for a while and knows everyone there. She has an interview with the Thompsons and somehow till now no one has wanted to adopt her. The story takes a twist when Samantha goes missing after a fight with bully Jeremy Beltran. Will Julie, the one who took Samantha under her wing after being abandoned, be able to find her? Julie goes looking for Samantha after she is found missing and finds her wheezing and lying in a pit. She gets Samantha to the hospital and finds out that Samantha rushed out to save Julie, thinking she was in trouble. It is a beautiful story that revolves around friendship, love and caring. Samantha’s concern for Julie has been portrayed well. And in return, Julie’s concern for Samantha as she gets ready to leave with the Duncan family is heart wrenching. It is a beautiful story on the lives of children living in children’s homes. The questions and discussions at the end of the book are a good way of reflecting upon the story. All the characters are lovable and charming, including the bully, Jeremy Beltran. It is a thoughtful tale and the ending is absolutely heart warming. It’s a story that will leave readers cheerful and sad at the same time.

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