Thoughtful Thursday

Today there is a lot on my mind.  No different than any other day, really.  It’s just that most of it doesn’t really belong on this blog.

However, I’m happy to bore you with the random thoughts that are perfectly appropriate for public consumption.  I apologize in advance for the length of this post and the somewhat “stream of consciousness” feel to it.

Lily’s Story has picked up momentum again, and I’ve had a couple of good weeks of writing in that MS.  When a story is ready to move, I believe in answering the call; and so I’ve been taking advantage of that as much as possible and snagging every extra minute that I can to work on it.  The  flip side of that coin is that other areas suffer somewhat, like the folding of laundry.  (At least I can keep the loads moving through the washer and dryer, right?)  I also finally took the time to figure out how to transfer the MS into Scrivener so that I can work on it there.  I love that I can keep all the files in one program for quick access without keeping six or eight files open on my desktop.  I am also very much in love with the full screen feature; it REALLY helps my tendency to be easily distracted by everything else going on all over the Internet.

The kids are enjoying their vast amounts of unschooling these days, and I have to say that it lessens the stress load for me just a bit.  Mini-Me has been working on a report of sorts on horses; we are getting ready to pick up the supplies for her to make it into a project that she can share with the rest of the family.  Peanut received massive amounts of “big girl” Legos for her 6th birthday last week, and she has been studiously building every chance she gets.  I LOVE Legos for unschooling; there is so much that kids get out of building with them.  The Bugs have also been playing a lot with their Duplo Legos, as well as their other play sets.  The past week has seen them without a train set, however, since Bug decided it would be fun to demolish literally half of the track.  I need to find the instructions so that I can put it back together.

JD has been plowing through his schoolwork and other responsibilities, a big part of which is basketball.  He had three games last week, has two games and two practices this week, and three games next week; then his season is done.  It has been really good for him, and I’m glad he has latched onto it and enjoyed it and found something that he can dedicate himself to long-term; but I have to be honest and say that I’m not sorry to see the season end.

My Sidekick has been working long hours this week.  It’s a necessary evil that results from his becoming quite successful in his company, but it takes a toll on both of us.  He’s also been traveling quite a bit more than usual, which I knew was coming, but never look forward to.  What I am looking forward to is us getting away for a few days when my mom is on spring break from school and will be able to stay with the kids.

In preparing for the aforementioned birthday party last weekend, I was able to accomplish several of the organizational tasks on my previous lists.  Three shelves in the kitchen pantry have now been cleaned and re-organized, the kitchen table was completely cleared off, and the closet in the entryway was cleaned out, making room for some of the Bugs’ toys.  Nothing like a pending house full of people to incite last minute cleaning panic, right?

I made two loaves of bread yesterday.  This recipe I’ve been using is so easy and yummy that I don’t think I will ever go back to buying bread again.  The kids even like it better than store bought bread.  It’s kind of shocking, actually.  I’m in the process of figuring out a GF option for the two youngest, who do much better with a GF diet.

Speaking of “diet,” I’ve already learned through my homeopathic diet that there are several groups of food my body cannot handle.  Red meat is one, and I think I’ve known it subconsciously for a long time.  I’ve  never been much of a red meat eater, even as a kid, and when I was 20 I became a vegetarian.  I went back to eating chicken and the occasional red meat in my late twenties, and this past year in an attempt to figure out what was causing some health issues decided to go back to vegetarianism.  While on this diet, I have had (amazing) steak from our own cow, and both times had a negative reaction.  The other foods I’ve had issues with are nightshade vegetables and cruciferous vegetables.  When I went to the naturalpath and told her about my findings (I’m keeping very close track of what I’m eating and when I have negative reactions), she confirmed that I’m a “typical thyroid case,” and that it’s common for those foods to be problematic in people with hypothyroidism.  It explains SO much of my food-related issues over the past twenty years.

As Valentines Day is upon us, we – the kids and I – will be doing some fun crafts and baking in the next two days, leading up to our Valentines Day party on Saturday.  We don’t get into the “hype” of the commercial aspect of holidays, but the kids do enjoy the fun that we can have around these special days.  And instead of bucket-loads of candy that they won’t eat anyway, they are each getting books.  I take advantage of every possible opportunity to buy them books ;-).

Our licensing worker was out for her quarterly visit yesterday.  One year ago, we were renewing our licensing for the third time (not including initial licensing), and one year from now we will be renewing again if things don’t go right in this last case of ours.  Of course, we are hopeful and prayerful that things will go right, in which case we will be celebrating our final adoption very soon.

Speaking of past years has me looking backwards in time and realizing that this has always been an eventful time of year for us. Two years ago we were getting ready to finalize our third adoption, and would soon find out about placement of a fifth child that we never expected to be blessed with (“surprise! children” can happen in foster care and adoption, too!)  Three years ago, we were preparing for placement of our fourth child, who – unbeknownst to us – would be coming from a severely neglectful foster home.  Four years ago, we had just placed an offer on our house, which was quickly accepted, and I was scrambling to pack up our too-full very small house; though I had 90 days to pack, I knew it would take me the entire time!  Five years ago, we had just finalized our first two adoptions.  Six years ago, I tearfully packed up our first three foster children, after they had lived with us for 8 months, to send them home with a mother who was nowhere near prepared to take care of them.  Seven years ago, we were frustratingly trying to finish up our initial home study, which we had begun in September of the previous year, and which would take eight months by the time all was said and done, rather than the three it was supposed to take, due to several issues with the agency that were beyond our control.

Nine years ago, my Sidekick and I had just finished moving me and the majority of our stuff into the house where we would live together after being married in May.  Ten years ago, we officially started dating.  Before that?  I don’t remember much ;-).


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