The Worst Kind of Distraction

Part of my writing attempts today are disrupted by the usual…  toddlers who can’t play nicely for more than three minutes at a time, a dog who barks every time the wind blows, playing outside with my kids, running errands, feeding five children who ARE ALWAYS STARVING.

These distractions are nothing to complain about (well, maybe the dog…); my kids are my world and come before even my writing.

But today the majority of my distraction is coming from some very upsetting news I received about one of my kiddos this morning.  It’s one of those things that burrow into your head, spreads its barbs, and wraps itself around all the other thoughts trying to form.  Not really the best atmosphere for writing.

Doesn’t stop me from stubbornly sitting in front of the computer starting at my manuscript though…