“The Ride” Flash Fiction

the ride

From the ground, it had looked tall; but all coasters looked tall from the bottom. I also noted that at some point it disappeared from view; but that too was fairly common, and I took for granted that it would eventually loop back to where it began.

It wasn’t until I reached the top, where there was literally no turning back, that I realized just how wrong I was; there was no arrival track meeting up with the departure track. One look down the metal rails overwhelmed me with a surge of varying emotions: fear, curiosity, excitement, anxiety, anticipation, fear.

I turned sideways to see how my seatmate was faring, only to discover I had no seatmate. Nor was there anyone else seated around me. I was the only inhabitant of the car.

What could be waiting in the dark forest below?

Spiders? Dragons? Snakes?

A sarlacc pit?

Perhaps an entrance to another world?

I was about to beg my way off the ride – though there was no one to beg to – when the car started forward.

My mind was awhirl with possibilities as at first I coasted, then picked up speed.

Faster and faster toward – whatever it was – until…


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