“ring” – SoCS 7/11/15



This week’s prompt is “ring.”


I’m in the mood to write something stream-of-consciousness…ish.  So naturally, today being Saturday and all, I came straight to Linda’s blog.

When I hear the word ring, the first things that come to mind are telephones, bells, and doorbells.  And of course, actual rings.

When a doorbell rings, our terrier goes nuts.  If a doorbell on a TV show rings, she goes nuts.  In fact, the times she seems to bark incessantly for no reason, I would bet there is a doorbell ringing in California or something.  She always thinks someone is trying to get into the house.

When I was a kid, my mom collected bells.  She still has this collection, sitting in a cabinet mounted on the wall at the end of the hallway in the house they still live in, where I grew up.  She has bells from other states, and bells from historical places, and all kinds of neat styles and designs.

Last week, I upgraded my cell phone.  It was a very tough decision for me to make, and I can’t remember the last time I had a difficult time choosing a new cell phone.  In the past, I’ve always known exactly what I wanted, and it was always a pretty clear choice.  Not so this time.  I ended up getting the Galaxy S6 Edge, and I’m not sorry I did.  It’s a pretty great phone, and there are some features that will make keeping up with social networking a little bit easier.  (Though I’m not going to lie, it won’t help much with my blogging, since the wordpress app has unfortunately not gotten any better.)

Our ninth anniversary was in May, and my amazing husband took me shopping for a new ring.  Nine years seems like a long time in some ways, and not such a long time in others; and it went by REALLY fast, so it doesn’t feel like a long time.  But still, it’s nine; not ten, not fifteen, and certainly not twenty-five or fifty.  Nine is just… nine.  And yet my hubby had it in his head that this was the year he was going to get me a new ring.  So on the day of our anniversary date, he surprised me by taking a detour between point A and point B, and stopping at the jewelry store, where he had to get the staff to gang up on me to get me to pick out a ring (tough position to be in for the CFO of the family).  It was the sweetest thing ever, and the ring we ended up getting is pretty awesome.  To make the experience even more special, the lady who worked with us there was the same lady who helped us when we were picking out engagement and wedding rings!

One other thing that the word “ring” brings to mind is the “ringing in of the New Year.”  But since it’s July, it doesn’t seem appropriate to start talking about that.  I’m sure that post will be ready to be written in <six months, if you can believe that.

Apologies for the ramble-y-ness of this post, but that IS what SoCS is for, after all.  And I did warn you that I was in the SoC mood…

Happy Saturday, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!



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Happy Saturday!