Reviews for “Kaedyn’s Story”


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Powerful Read!  “Lies That Bind: Kaedyn’s Story, by Leigh Michaels, takes issues of today’s teens and young adults and brings them to life in a powerful, realistic way. The book had me hooked from the beginning, feeling drawn to Kaedyn and wanting to know the rest of her story. Michaels does an amazing job of showing the intense grip of sorrow…and the unfailing love of family. Prepare to cry, and to be touched by the powerful message of Kaedyn’s Story. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a compelling story that depicts life in a very real way.”


Well Written Debut  “This touching debut novel addresses difficult and still taboo subjects without glorifying or simplifying them.  …It breaks away from the formula by showing the complexities within a family rather than the black and white ‘hurting kid ignored by family’ simplicity often favored in YA fiction.  It is refreshing to see this story doesn’t tie everything neatly in a bow. There are no easy answers and Lies That Bind takes an unflinching but compassionate look at that truth.

I would recommend this book both to young adults and to parents seeking a greater understanding of the thoughts and emotions behind the unhealthy actions of too many young people today.”


Powerful Book  “As an older reader reading this young adult book (due to recommendations), I found it a very powerful story that opened my eyes into the world of today’s young people and the struggles they face. It was definitely a page turner, and the author did a great job of showing the reality of life of many of today’s youth. While intense in its topics, it also shows the powerful and healing bond of sisters. The book ended too soon, in my opinion–I want to find out what happens next! No matter your age, you should read this book, whether you can relate as a young adult or want a better glimpse into that world.”


Great read!  “This book shows the reality of what some teens are faced with on a daily basis. See how Kaedyn deals with the many issues life has thrown at her and how she copes with it all alone until she decides to confide in her sister, Kallie. Together Kaedyn and Kallie are able to sort things out and handle the problems. Kaedyn’s story had me captivated from the very beginning and left me wanting to read more of her story.”


Unbelievably captivating!!! I could NOT put this book down. I was drawn in and just wanted to know more, needed to know more. I read this book in one day! Looking forward for more books!


Must Read  “Lies That Bind:Kaedyn’s Story is a must read especially for teens. This book portrays real life struggles and ways to cope. This book is a great read. Once you start the book you will not want to put it down. I found this book very well written. I look forward to reading more books by this author. I would recommend this book to everyone.”


Kallie’s Story “This debut novel by Leigh Michaels is amazing and awful all at the same time. I spent most of the book wanting to wrap my arms around Kaedyn and just hold her. However, to me, this book could have almost been called “Kallie’s Story” because the character of Kallie showed so much growth. She became exactly who Kaedyn needed and showed so much strength in the face of some pretty awful things. She is such an amazing character.

The only things I would have liked to have seen more of are more development in the character of Kurt and to know what happened with Stephen at the end of the story. I’m hoping the author will cover all of this in the sequel. There will be a sequel, right?”


Must Read  “This book was well written. The book is very real and believable. It addresses different grieving processes that teens and some adults go through. I give it 5 stars because I had a hard time putting the book down, and the author dives into the real problems that sometimes faces teens and adults alike. I suggest this book to High School kids and adults. I cannot wait for another book from this author.”


Great story!  “This is a well-written and engaging story. The characters are very real and believable. I’m excited to read more from this author.”