New Things for the New Year

I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions.  It just seems like a really good way to set oneself up for failure.

However, there are several times throughout the year which are by nature a good time to reevaluate goals and expectations for self, if that’s something you do.  I do, and so I find this time of year to be a good time to determine what I’m doing that’s working, and what needs changed.  I also like to think about ways to better myself, and set goals in that context, such as learning a new skill or making a book list or planning ways to give my kids a wider variety of opportunities.

There are a number of things I’ve been thinking about over the past week, and I’ve come to just think of them collectively as “goals,” or “new things for the new year.”


Some of them are of a more personal nature, such as getting back to my workout routine, learning to knit/crochet and play the guitar, plan out every month on the 1st to schedule in specific things, and spend more time on the piano.  I want to dig back into old hobby loves, like scrapbooking; and I want to get back to scheduling regular “date nights in” with my hubster.

I also have some goals that are very much related to my writing.  I want to complete three books this year.  I want to take the time to read more and discover new authors.  I’m determined to blog at least three times a week on subjects connected to writing.  I have some ideas for short stories that I’d like to see pan out and find a home here.  I’d really like to find a way to interconnect more with other bloggers here on WP.  I want to write notes to people and send them through the snail system, and I’d like to get my kids doing that too.

And oh-so-much-more.


Do you make New Year’s resolutions or goals?  What do you want to do in 2016 that you’ve never done before, or that you’ve done in the past but gotten away from over time?

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  1. January 13, 2016 at 1:16 am

    Learning the guitar is a good one! I hope you get to do that!

    Happy late new year and I hope your holidays were great! 🙂

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