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This was originally a blog post, and when I decided to link it to my front page for easy access, I realized that the information included would need to be updated periodically.  Therefore, it is becoming a page so that I may continually update the information without constantly re-scheduling it as a blog post.  Smart, huh? (Not really.)

As I talk about them quite frequently, you might want to know just who they are!


Hubby / Hubs / Hubster / Hottie / Better Half / Sidekick, etc. – My husband.  (Who else?)  My twenty-something-at-heart, amazing, wonderful, sweet, supportive, and extremely hard-working husband.  He is my better half, the best partner in the world, super fun to play video games with, and perfect to curl up on the couch and watch a movie with.  I love him with my whole heart, soul, and being, and couldn’t imagine my life without him.

J.D. – Oldest child.  He is 17 and a senior in high school. He is creative, inventive, thoughtful, generous, and kind.  He loves to do manual labor, loves technology and all things computer-related, enjoys reading and sometimes writing (YAY!!), and does not care much for details.  You can follow his blog by clicking here.

Artie – Oldest daughter.  She is 11 and is a more outgoing, much more girly version of her Mama.  She is very emotional, and doesn’t hide it.  She loves horses, painting and drawing (and doing anything art-related really), bright colors, wearing dresses, writing, and reading.  She is quite talented at art, and hopes to start her own Etsy page soon.

Spunky – Middle kiddo.  She is 8, and though she is outwardly a brunette, she is my “blonde.”  She can be quite ditzy at times; she loves to be silly and goofy, is very creative, and enjoys coloring, playing with her dolls, and reading.  Playing outside is one of her favorite things to do; she would stay out in a thunderstorm if we’d let her.  She is extremely hands-on and loves to build things / put things together, as well as being my first child who seems to show an early penchant for math. (YAY!!)

Bug – Boy “Baby.”  He is now 6, and is the only baby I brought home from the hospital; watching him grow up is bittersweet (as with all of them – and it is different with all of them).  This child is a tornado.  He is ALL boy, and yes that is stereotypical – but that is him.  He is loud and wild, but but can also be extremely sweet and affectionate.   He has had a very good attention span since he was about 9 months old, and loves to play with his toys (it varies between  cars, animals, soldiers, etc.) all over the bedroom or living room floor.  And his constant obsession is all things bugs, spiders, and snakes.  My Bug is high functioning on the autism spectrum, which makes most moments of most days challenging, to say the least.

Tiny – Girl “Baby.”  She is almost 6.  My babies aren’t babies anymore :(.  She is still figuring out who she is, due to some speech and occupational delays, but she has gotten much better at imaginary play and getting along with her siblings; and what I was concerned might be a cognitive delay, appears to simply be an effect of her other delays.  She is incredibly smart, very stubborn, and does not like to be told what to do, which results in lots of discipline in this phase of her life.  (I am hopeful that stubbornness will serve her well someday, with the appropriate guidance.)  She likes to color and play with her baby dolls, and she can be my very sweet and lovey snuggle-bug, as long as she isn’t being told what to do ;-).

Madigan – Our ten-year-old Irish Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier.
Finnegan – Our three-year-old Brindle Great Dane.

Thanks for getting to know the family a little better – hope this helps as I start to mention them more often in posts!

(**All of our children have been foster children, and as of March 2015, they are all adopted!)

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  1. April 2, 2016 at 10:08 pm

    Wow. All foster, all adopted. You are aMazing.

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