Manic Monday and a Prompt

Mondays aren’t always my most manic day of the week, believe or not.  But when I have a busy weekend, like this past weekend, then Monday mornings definitely give any other day of the coming week a run for its money in terms of busyness.  This morning I tidied up the loft a bit (a goal I have is to just do a few minutes of tidying each in at least two rooms every day), sorted laundry and threw in the first load, and the spent the rest of the morning setting up school lessons for the kids.  I’m still doing a mixed approach with the younger kids, where they choose what they want to study and when they do it within the time frame of a week.  It’s more structured than true unschooling, but still a laid-back student-led approach.

I’m way behind in my NaNo word count, and this week is pretty much my only chance to catch up.  So now that the girls’ school work is set up, I’m hopeful that a fair amount of writing will get done this week.  As always, the wild cards are the toddlers.  Currently, the Ladybug is doing a pengram-type puzzle for toddlers and doing very well at it.  I talked the Bug into doing one, and then he got bored and messed up the one his sister was working on.

Now that you’ve stuck out my random little Monday morning update, I have a Flash Fiction prompt for you.  I find flash fiction to be a great way to get the creativity flowing in my writing, and so I am going to try to regularly post prompts on Mondays to get the writing week off on the right (or write!) foot.


the forest


If you are so inclined, write a 500-word-or-less flash fiction story (or poem!) about this photo.  I will write one myself and link to it in the comments.  Please share yours in the comments so others can read it!

Happy Monday!