Looking Back and Moving Forward: Accomplishments & Goals 4/12/15

(In each section, personal items are in standard script and work items are in italics.)


What I’ve accomplished this past week:

  • Very little actually was accomplished this week, at least in the way of “doing.”  What was accomplished was 3 days of relaxation by my hubby and me, and it was sorely needed by both of us.  In fact, not to sound unappreciative, but it kind of wasn’t enough, given that it’s been a very stressful entire year since the last time we got away alone.  But we soaked up every moment of it, and certainly didn’t take it for granted.
  • Organized two (out of four) drawers in the kitchen.
  • Steam mopped the kitchen for the third week in a row. 
  • Researched and chose a carpet cleaner.
  • Finished our taxes!
  • Spent a little time on the piano.


  • I am moving right along through my first round edits for Lily’s Story.  (If you’re interested in being a Beta reader, please contact me!)
  • I’ve made some contacts that I think will pan into additional marketing options.  (Have more to make this week!)
  • Completed the name change, published new editions of the books, and updated the text in the back of the books, including adding some “help” text to the end of the LTB novels.



What I need to accomplish this coming week:

  • Work on organizing the loft office/library
  • Organize kitchen cupboards
  • Finish announcements/invites for adoption party and mail
  • Work on scrap book pages from the last two years for Peanut and Ladybug
  • Shop for gifts for Peanut and Ladybug’s adoptions
  • Loaf of nut bread and loaf of cinnamon raisin bread
  • Help Mini-Me bake some mint chocolate chip cupcakes for a baking contest at church – This went really well!! 🙂
  • Photograph and list for sale my cloth diaper collection
  • Spend some time on the piano
  • Clean up my room for when my mom comes to stay with the kids next week (yes, apparently needing to clean your room doesn’t end after the teen years…)
  • Spend more time outside, weather permitting
  • Take three packages to UPS to ship
  • Pick up end tables that we ordered last week
  • Book places to stay for our family trips this summer


  • Take a day or two break, then begin edits on Lily’s Story
  • Finish first rounds edits on Lily’s Story
  • Rearrange timeline for next publication-related steps for Lily’s Story
  • Begin working on necessary changes to make pen name change and publish 2nd editions of already published works
  • Finalize and post at least three blog posts
  • Catch up on more blogs
  • Find and read at least three new blogs
  • Make contact with a local lady whose contact info I was given; she is working on a display in her coffee shop for local authors’ books.

5 comments for “Looking Back and Moving Forward: Accomplishments & Goals 4/12/15

  1. May 7, 2015 at 11:53 pm

    Wow, how do you write on and off the blog??! The drawers…HUGE accomplishment. =) Not to mention the steam mop and taxes. Bravo.

    • May 10, 2015 at 6:38 pm

      As you can see it’s been awhile since I’ve written on the blog… :-\

      • May 10, 2015 at 6:46 pm

        Ha ha ha, I would not believe you were one of us – human – if that weren’t so.

        • May 10, 2015 at 7:16 pm

          Well, good. That saves me from having to try to convince you :-P.

  2. Nicole
    April 15, 2015 at 9:38 am

    You have quite the list happening!!! Both on accomplishments and to do!! I’m more than happy to be a Beta reader if you still need?

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