Looking Back and Moving Forward: Accomplishments & Goals 3/15/15

(In each section, personal items are in standard script and work items are in italics.)


What I’ve accomplished this past week:

  • Finished organizing the kitchen pantry
  • Maintained daily clutter management in main living areas
  • Finally caught laundry up from when I was sick two weeks ago
  • Made two loaves of homemade sandwich bread
  • Got our family together with a friend and her family (trust me, this is an accomplishment)


  • Completed a difficult scene in Lily’s Story
  • Worked on several blog posts, to be posted in the next week or two
  • Caught up on a few blogs


What I need to accomplish this coming week:

  • Work on organizing the loft office/library (this is likely more than a one-week job)
  • Work on scrap book pages from the last two years for Peanut
  • Shop for gifts for Peanut and Ladybug’s adoptions (I have historically purchased gifts for grandparents, siblings, case workers, and of course, the Adoptee)
  • Attempt a loaf of nut bread and a loaf of cinnamon raisin bread
  • Spend some time on the piano
  • Spend lots of time outside, if the ground dries up


  • Continue with Lily’s Story, with the goal of completing Draft #1
  • Finalize and post at least three blog posts
  • Print additional business cards
  • Complete Lily’s Story cover and make corresponding business cards
  • Catch up on more blogs

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  1. March 16, 2015 at 8:50 pm

    Good luck with everything!

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