Less Than Thoughtful Thursday

If you’ve noted my absence this week (granted, most of you probably haven’t, and that’s okay), it’s because some sort of virus has hit our house. And by ‘our house’ I mean me. It comes with a bad headache, sore throat, and some head congestion; and I’m thankful that it’s not any worse than that, given the number of stomach-flu-related Facebook statuses I’ve seen lately.

My kiddos (well, most of them anyway) have been pretty cooperative this week, which is helpful. The headache is probably the worst part and interferes the most with daily tasks. The eldest is plugging along through his daily responsibilities, and the younger ones are at a high level of Netflix learning.  Thank goodness we are now ex-dependent on workbooks ;-).

I have a lot to do this weekend, so I’m hoping whatever this is leaves soon.

Thanks to Charles Yallowitz for sharing a guest post today!  Hope you enjoyed it (and if you missed it, head one entry to your left and check it out!)

Happy It’s-Almost-Friday!