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Please welcome guest author P.S. Bartlett to my blog; I am thrilled to be a part of her blog tour to promote her newest work.  The Blue Diamond: The Razor’s Edge will be released in two days!  She is an excellent writer who spins a fascinating tale with believable and enjoyable characters.  Check out her work; you won’t be sorry!


Right or Wrong, I Write for Me
by P.S. Bartlett

I’ve been wondering lately about why writers choose to write in a particular genre and tell the kinds of stories they do.

I wonder this because for a long time, I’ve heard, as well as believed, that we write what we want to read and I hope that’s true for all of us. Speaking for myself, that is the absolute truth. However, that doesn’t mean I won’t write YA or contemporary romance or anything else for that matter at some point—if I live long enough. I definitely think it makes writing a whole lot easier when we’re writing about things we care about, dream of or enjoy.

I believe a good story is a good story, no matter where or when it takes place. Although some of the details, names and settings will be different, love is love, hate is hate and struggle is struggle, regardless of when or where it happens. I write Historical Fiction but today, an idea came to me for a contemporary and humorous romance aka a romantic comedy of sorts. I jotted it down because who knows?

I’ve always enjoyed stories about pirates. Even before the Pirates of the Caribbean fame, I’d read or watch anything I could if it included pirates. With the magnificent new series Black Sails, and another new one named Crossbones, I’m thinking I may have stumbled onto a new wave of pirate popularity. This is a good thing as long as I can market The Blue Diamond well enough to perhaps catch that wave. Pirate stories are crammed with adventure, danger, romance, lust, greed, power, scenic locals and the list goes on. However, most of these stories are about brutal and merciless men who stand tall in their bucket boots and tricorn hats, with their backs to the wind shouting orders and swinging their swords. That story line wasn’t working for me. I wanted to tell a different story.

I wanted to take four young women and toss them on a pirate ship and see how they’d behave. Of course, these young women couldn’t be fine southern ladies. They’d need a bit of experience in the world and have learned at a very young age, how to survive. They’d need plenty of grit and pound for pound, they’d have to be capable of self-preservation and be able to fire a gun and swing a sword as well if not better than any man. However, a man is a man with all of the qualities that men possess, even when he lays down his sword and pistol, and so shall a woman be a woman when she does the same. Beneath our armor and shield, we are still human after all. These human qualities, regardless of sex and era are so much fun to explore!

Now, taking into consideration that The Blue Diamond takes place in the early 1700’s, we know that women as a rule, were still bound to traditional roles as were their male counterparts but since I prefer to write about women who break molds and blaze trails, the four young women in The Blue Diamond don’t wear aprons, don’t sip their tea and they certainly don’t mind their manners when called upon by invading pirates, or cower and wait for the unimaginable horror that may befall them. They fight, they swear and they enjoy all of the same freedoms as men. They also feel the same emotions, risk their lives and their hearts for those they love and protect their freedom at any cost.

The Blue Diamond isn’t caught up in any one particular aspect of what we may think of as pirate life. The characters are all unique and have individual goals outside of the main story. I wouldn’t classify this book as one type of genre other than historical fiction although it has several sub genres; romance, action, adventure, humor, passion and even family saga to name the most. The protagonists are flawed and human to the bone but oh how I love them that way.

So, what I’ve found in all three of my books so far is that yes, right or wrong, I write what I want to read. My hope is that there are plenty of readers like me who love variety in their books and not just stories about any one particular theme. After all, when you boil it all down, we write about life and people and situations and none of those things are ever simple or exist one dimensionally. If they were, why would we read them? We read to be carried away into another world, whether that world takes place in 2014 or 1714. We want that roller coaster ride, not the merry go round—well, at least I do. I want the pirate ship, not the paddle boat.I believe part of writing what we want to read is that we are able to experience life as someone else and live out our fantasies vicariously through our characters, at least for a little while.

I want to be Ivory Shepard because all she wanted was the freedom to live her life on her own terms, no matter what she had to do to accomplish that.

Wait…maybe for a time, I was.

P.S. Bartlett

P.S. (Peggy) has been writing since she was very young. Although she spent over half of her life raising a family and working full time as an office manager, she never let go of her passion for story-telling. At forty-eight years old, she found herself with grown children and great deal of time on her hands. That was when the doldrums gave way to a storm of ideas for her first novel, “Fireflies.” Since then, she has published a second novel “Hope From the ocean,” which is the prequel to “Fireflies” Now with the wind in her sails; she’s embarking on another series that takes place during the golden age of piracy.
Peggy lives in Baltimore, MD with her husband of twenty years, her eighteen year old son and her Maine Coon cat, Columbus. She enjoys writing and spending time with her family. Her dream is to retire from her day job early and write full time, surrounded by grandchildren and fur babies.

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