Coming soon!

So I alluded last week to a project I’ve been working on.

I’ve decided to start a newsletter!

The main newsletter will be published quarterly, so as not to get on too many nerves.  I’ll discuss past events and how they went, upcoming events, projects I’m working on, books I’m reading, and last but not least, a featured fellow Indie author and one of his/her books which I have read and will give a review on.**

In addition to the quarterly newsletter, I will be publishing a “Monthly Mini,” which will be very brief updates, such as reminders about upcoming events, and notes on whatever Indie book I am currently reading. These issues also include little blurbs about the featured author.

Occasionally, these issues will contain links to secret content or codes, or to giveaways exclusively for my newsletter subscribers.

On the front page of my website, you will find the signup link to receive the first quarterly edition of the newsletter, coming around the beginning of July – or you can sign up by clicking here!



**For information on becoming one of my featured Indie authors, see this post.

(NOTE:  If for any reason I feel I cannot give a 3-star or better review, the author’s review will be given to them in private.  I only give lower than 4-star reviews for technical reasons such as grammar/spelling/flow/general poor writing/etc.  I do not give a book a low review simply because it is not my favorite genre, for example.)

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  1. Nicole
    June 18, 2014 at 4:53 pm

    I’m excited for your newsletter!!! Keep it coming 🙂

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