Busy Week!

It has been quite the week – and a very busy couple of days – in the life of this Indie author!

On Thursday, I had my photo shoot with Hallie Bissett. (Check out her blog for some pretty neat photography. She’s just getting started with the blog, so keep watching for more photos.)  I was pretty nervous.  I love doing marketing and meeting new people and interacting with others  – online.  Offline, I am not into the whole “spotlight” scene.  I hate knowing that people are looking at me.  So going out into the public and doing a photo shoot with people staring as they walked by was… nerve-wracking.  However, I feel pretty good about a couple of the shots, and I still haven’t seen them all, so I’m hopeful :-).  If you didn’t notice, you can actually see a sneak peek in the right-hand sidebar —————>

Today I went over to the library to talk with the lady organizing my author signing.  I took her a copy of my book for circulation, as well as a copy of the press release for the signing that they will be giving to local media outlets to announce the signing.  She showed me where I’ll be set up for the signing, and we talked about how it will work and everything.  I’m nervous about that too!  However, my expectations for attendance are fairly low, which makes me slightly less nervous.  (If you’re local and planning to attend, please note in the recent re-post that the time has changed slightly.)

Finally, I have been working on my newsletter these past couple of days, and I’m happy to announce that the first issue will be distributed the first week of July!  The newsletter will contain some items of interest that you won’t find on my website – or anywhere else! – so you will want to be sure you get in on the fun!  You can find the sign-up at the top of the left-hand sidebar!

Hope you all have had a great week!  Happy Friday to all!