Bit of a Ramble

Well, one of my goals for this year was to write more regularly in the blog.  And I’ve tried.  I really have.  I come here several times a week, open up a new blog post entry, and…  I stare at it.  The only things that come to mind lately are related to my personal life.  And the voice(s) in my head tell me that no one wants to hear that boring stuff.  So I continue to stare at the screen, waiting for writing-related inspiration, until some other aspect of life calls me mercifully away from this failure-ridden venture.

But this time, I’m not going to sit here staring at the screen.  This time, I’m going to let writing win.  I’m not going to let the topics of the writing to overrule the act of writing itself.

There, you’ve been warned.  If you came here expecting some writing thoughts and don’t care to hear the personal, STOP NOW BEFORE YOU GET SUCKED IN.

Or… something.


The first weeks after the holidays were sprinkled – no, smeared – with illness of varying type and degree.  I hesitate to say it, but I think we are over all the bugs and back up to the health par at which we usually reside.

The kids have gotten back into the swing of school fairly easily; I’m doing more and more unschooling with the girls, and the growth I see in them daily just astounds me.  Mini-Me has grasped math facts that on paper were like trying to translate Russian for her.  Peanut is reading and spelling, with no formal teaching whatsoever. And they are both trying new things and discovering and pursuing their interests.  I love it!

The Bugs amaze me regularly with the things they say and the comprehension it reveals.  They’ve both struggled with delays, and still do in some areas; but their progress is proof of the power of nature over nurture.  JD is still doing conventional classes on the computer, but he is flying through several of his classes; he has completely finished two classes and is almost done with a third.  He still hates math, but has a much better attitude about it this year.  I think that next year we will let him forego math and fill in with extra science and history classes, since those are his favorite subjects.  The next two years will be a journey for him to prepare for life after high school, whether that be college or something else.  My hope for him is that he finds a passion and pursues it.

As for myself, I’ve made progress on several of the goals I set for myself for the year.  One (or two, depending on how you look at it) was to send handwritten letters to people at least twice a month, and also to send birthday cards to close friends and family.  I think that in our electronic-centered world, mail is a joy that is easily forgotten.  Somehow, bills and ads and other junk mail still finds its way into our house, and I’d like to brighten some people’s gray mail with a bit of fun and happiness.  I think that everyone would agree with me that an email just isn’t the same as a handwritten letter.  (Note that if I see you in person and give you a birthday gift, you probably won’t get a card too.  But a card in the mail when I won’t get to see you for your birthday will also have a nice handwritten letter from me, and so doubles as happy mail.)

Other goals that I’ve progressed on are reading more and learning something new.  Together these things have helped with another goal to waste less of my down time, as it is a rare and precious commodity.  I’m almost finished with Hollow City, which I started last year and let fall by the wayside when reading became less of a priority than other things.  And I’ve taught myself to knit, something I’ve wanted to do for a long time but have always been intimidated by.  So far I’ve made a couple of dollie blankets for the little girls, two scarves for myself and Mini-Me, and a hat (to match Mini-Me’s scarf).  Currently on my needles I have a hat for JD, a baby blanket for someone who shall remain nameless for the time being, and a scarf for another nameless somebody.  And I have plans plans plans for all the momentarily nameless Loves in my life ;-).

Of course one of the biggest goals is to buckle down on my novels in progress.  I’ve really struggled to find the time to get in front of the computer uninterrupted for any length of time, and the couple times that I’ve been able to do it, I’ve been faced again with the staring-at-the-blank-page malady.  I did manage to get some work in on the juvenile fiction novel I’m working on, so if I can get some more time with it, I think it will really pick up momentum.

The three youngest are playing in their rooms right now, and the Bug is really “into” his play.  I could watch/listen to him for hours.  His toys “fly” around the room, and he’s got all those noises down – you know, the noises that come pre-installed in little boys.  He’s very much into superheroes, and they all have special noises, very different from the noises his matchbox cars or his toy soldiers make.

Laundry is calling me.  No really.  It has a voice, a sound that is as vocal as it is incessant.  And it’s time for me to shut it up now, at least temporarily.