Weekly Wrap-Up

Well, we started school this week – our sixth year of homeschooling! – and as we didn’t have any major catastrophes, I’m calling it a success!

My high schooler got a slow start (don’t worry – he didn’t mind!) because setting up the new curriculum on the computer is… a process.  He got to pick out all the things he was going to study this year, so I think and hope that is going to contribute to a higher enthusiasm level for him and a more successful year than last year.  He is studying consumer math, Vietnam, biology, Intro to Computers, Old Testament survey, and continuing with his high school reading list.  As he completes each book, he will write a blog entry about that book, and we’ve composed a schedule for him so that he can keep up with it a little better this year.  If you don’t follow his blog, you can follow it here.  Some books you can expect to read about this year include Rough Riders, Lord of the Flies, Tarzan of the Apes, and the Diary of Anne Frank, plus quite a few more.

My 4th grader is enjoying planning her curriculum each week as she chooses the things she wants to study as well.  Right now she’s very interested in learning about animals and Native Americans.  I’m having fun picking out reading materials, activities, and supplemental videos for all the subjects she wants to learn more about.  She will also be reading through a list of books and keeping a blog of reports on those books.  When I have that one up and running, I will share the link here.

My 1st grader and pre-schoolers and learning primarily through video and hands-on games/activities.  I’m continuing with my “young children learn best through play” process that has worked well for my kiddos over the past five years of homeschooling.  The Peanut will be reading any day now ;-).

Aside from finishing up a baby quilt for a friend, I didn’t accomplish much from my personal list.  I hope to change that this week, now that we have our first week done and can settle into a daily groove.

Tomorrow, I’m hoping to share an update on my next writing project, which I have been working on for most of the summer!  (I’d love to do it now, but it’s time to feed my kiddos.  For some reason, they seem to need food at least three times a day!)  😉