Thursday: Friday’s Friday

There is something about Thursday that is… promising.  The feel that the week is more than half over and coming to a close.  Thursday seems to shout triumphantly, “You made it to day four! You can make it the rest of the way!”  Especially when Friday is your favorite day of the week.

And Friday is my favorite day of the week.

Friday is a fun day that is still framed by routine, unlike Saturday, where routine always seems to dissolve before we’re even out of bed in the morning, and Sunday, where routine and laziness meet awkwardly like two young teens those few seconds before their first kiss.

Friday is the day at the end of a week of hard work, and a day at the beginning of a weekend of hard work (sometimes).  It’s a day to ease off a bit on the pressure of the week, without throwing the whole week out the window.

On Fridays at our house, we try to wrap up anything we were working on the first four days of the week; we finish school assignments, projects around the house, chores that didn’t get done.  We might do a shopping run that I didn’t have time for earlier in the week.  We try to do something fun: play outside, hit a park, play Xbox360, make a special lunch or dessert.  We also carry on with certain parts of our ordinary routine: quiet time / naps being the main one!  Friday night is always pizza and movie night.  The kids rely on this like they rely on the sun to rise each morning.  Try telling them we are “doing something different tonight.”  The looks you will get will be either blankness, incredulity, or disbelief, and will probably be accompanied by laughter, because they are sure you’re playing a joke on them.  Insist you are telling the truth, and bring on the tears and tantrums.

Friday is by far the best day of my week.

And that’s probably why Thursday runs a very close second.  Although a lazy Saturday will give Thursday a run for its money.

What’s your favorite day of the week?