Stepping Away

Lately I’ve been in the mindset that I need to be prepared to write at a moment’s notice.  In part, this is actually true for me, since the youngest two of my five children are two-and-a-half years old, and require A LOT of attention.  Not to mention that the dishes and laundry and other housework for our family requires quite a bit of time each day.  My older kids are miniature slaves have daily chores for which they earn a paycheck (no, we don’t call it allowance), but there are a still a number of tasks I am too OCD to let them handle that require an adult to take care of.

So I need to take advantage of every spare moment to get something accomplished.

Which means my computer is almost always on and the working text of my current novel as well as other necessary documents are always open.

But lately I’ve realized that having them open and always being mentally plugged into them has actually been counter-productive at times.  So I’ve been really making the effort this week to focus on other things without allowing myself to dwell on the novel, particularly stuck points.

I still leave the computer up, because God forbid I get a sudden genius thought and forget it before I can type it into a document.  But I force myself to do things away from the novel for extended periods of time.  Today I accomplished a satisfactory number of things from both my writing and my non-writing checklist, and at the end of the day, I felt pretty good about that.

So the forced periods of hiatus throughout the day have a definite upside.

My kids especially think so at meal times.