Personal Records

I would have posted this last night, but it was so late no one would have seen it, and it would have totally defeated the purpose.

Yesterday I wrote more in a single day than I have done in a very long time: 3133 words.

I have no idea how all of those words found their way onto the pages.  My two year olds are taking turns making sure the world (and in particular everyone in this house) KNOWS that they are two, my five and seven year olds are finding as many things as possible to bicker about, and my fourteen year old… well… he’s being a teenager to the fullest extent.  Probably the fact that it was raining here pretty much all day helped my writing process, since it meant that I was required to resort to unconventional (at least for this house) means of entertainment: television.

The toddlers, between temper tantrums of course, were happily occupied by Winnie the Pooh, Tinker Bell, Forbidden Planet (yes, my son loves Robbie the Robot), and Frozen.  (No, they did not actually finish any of those programs, and so I am not the abusive and neglectful parent I appear to be on this paper.) They also had all scheduled meals and snacks, as well as a solid nap.

Therefore, I, between temper tantrums of course, must have somehow eked out the words without realizing it.

Oh, and I also bettered my mile time by 50 seconds over last night, a minute 20 over Monday night.  Yay for PR days, even if they feel like terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days because of all the temper tantrums your two year olds exhibited.