Not Quite the Beginning…

…that I was hoping for.

I had quite the bang-up day yesterday.

The time change messed with the Bug dramatically, basically screwing up his (and by extension, my) entire day.

JD’s basketball practices for the week have been completely switched around from the original schedule, due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control; yesterday’s practice fell right in the middle of nap time, which for the Bug is essential on a normal day, nevermind on a day right after time itself starts messing with us.

And then – because those events apparently weren’t quite enough to derail me for one day – while attempting to connect my new Bluetooth headphones to my computer, I discovered that one of the recent updates completely eliminated Bluetooth from my computer.  Three (plus) hours and several driver installs later, I shut the computer down to go pick up dry cleaning and supper; when I returned, the computer had decided to recognize the appropriate driver.

Unfortunately, the Bug then decided it was a good time for a meltdown, and by the time I got him through his bedtime routine and into bed, followed by his sisters one by one, I no longer had any juice left for writing.

I did, however, assemble a good start to a playlist for my main character; so at least today I should be able to get some good writing in.

How are your writing projects (or other projects!) coming along?




***No, the Bug didn’t actually choose to have a meltdown. I completely blame the blasted time change!

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  1. November 3, 2015 at 3:45 pm

    Life knows just the right moments to get in the way, doesn’t it? Best of luck with the rest of your project, Leigh. 🙂

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