Featured Author – Charles Yallowitz – pt. 3

Wrapping up my Featured Author spot on Charles Yallowitz, I bring you my review on his first Legends of Windemere book, Beginnings of a Hero.



Official Review:  Charles Yallowitz has done an excellent job of creating an entirely new fantasy realm, complete with an outstanding cast of well-written and believable characters. His descriptions are detailed, sucking the reader in and making them want to both keep reading and put the book down, due to the nature of some of the graphic descriptions. Anyone who enjoys fantasy will not want to miss Yallowitz’s Windemere premier.


In addition, I will be handing this series off to JD, as I think he will really enjoy it.  I would say fantasy is by far his favorite genre; he read the Chronicles of Narnia when he was 11 or 12, has plowed through two of Rick Riordan’s Greek fantasy series, and is now reading The Hobbit as part of his high school reading list requirements (which he and I made together).  Having read most of these (just one Riodan book, but the entirety of the other series), I think the Windemere series is an excellent fit for someone who is interested in these other fantasy works.

I’ve given this book 5 stars, and highly recommend to anyone who enjoys other fantasy books (did I use the word “fantasy” enough in this post??)  🙂

Nice work, Charles!  Thank you for gifting the world with Windemere!


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And don’t forget to check out his blog.

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    Thanks for the feature. 🙂

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      Happy to do it! I hope it helps at least somewhat :-).

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