…there are so many, and they are so easy to succumb to when I am, once again, fighting The Block!

My son starts high school in the fall, and I ordered his curriculum today, as well as picked out a new computer, since our old “family computer” is many years old and ready to retire.  It was my mom’s birthday today, so the kids and I went and got balloons and a cake and some decorations and a hanging plant for her, and took them over to surprise her when she got home from school.  It was a short visit, as I had to get one of my kiddos to an appointment, but it was fun.  Then of course there are those small things called “meals,” which my Little People constantly demand, like, several times a day.  When it was just me, such inconsequential nuisances could be forgotten on a regular basis during a writing spree, and would never be missed by anyone involved.

Now I am in the staggered process of putting children to bed, which by nature keeps me from “getting on a roll.”  So my plan is to get them to bed and then get a healthy chunk of writing done before giving myself over to the hot tub.

The good news is that tomorrow promises to be less busy than today, and actually just became one appointment less busy than it already was.  Which, at least in theory, means more time for writing.

One can hope.

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  1. May 20, 2014 at 5:52 am

    Sometimes life can get overwhelming, I hope it calms down enough so as you can write again 🙂

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