Busy But Not Unproductive

We’ve had a lot of my mom’s family here in town for the past week.  My cousin and her four year old daughter stayed with us, and we had a number of family get-togethers during the time everyone was here.  It was very busy – mostly the good kind of busy – and though I didn’t accomplish what I usually would in a week, I did get a few important things done.

My book signing went well.  I want to thank everyone who came out; you were instrumental in making the day a success.

I completed the cover for the juvenile fiction children’s book, and decided on the final title.  There will be a cover/title reveal coming very soon!

I’m still making progress on the edits for Emma’s Story.  I am now shooting for a September publication date, as I will have another event later in September, at which I hope to have all four books available.

The last of the guests left this morning, taking my mom with them.  I’m exhausted but don’t have time to stop.  Besides the writing projects, there’s some stuff around my house I need to take care of.

Hope everyone is having a good week so far!