Are You Looking for an Editor?

Have you read this article about why you need an editor yet?  If not, please take a minute to look it over.


I’ve been doing free editing for a long time.  Not just for friends either, but a fair amount for people I barely know.  Everything from (friend) “Hey would you look this over for me and let me know what you think?” to (stranger) “My grammar sucks, and [insert name of mutual friend here] said you could edit this for me!” to (me) “I loved your book, but could I please please pleeeeeeease edit it for you???”  Even in college, I was considered a “go-to” person for paper editing, whether it was other people in my dorm, other people in my classes, or someone who just happened to be the sister of the best friend of cousin of a girl who lived on the ninth floor of my dorm.  You get the idea.

I haven’t minded at all.  I love to edit, and I love to help people.  I especially love to help people make their writing better, because really good writing is near and dear to my heart and yet becoming increasingly more difficult to find.

And then one day, not too long ago, a friend and fellow author told me to quit giving myself away.

In doing so, she even refused to let me do any more free editing for her, which, although unnecessary, spoke volumes.

I don’t consider myself great.  I know far too many truly great people.  I just know that along with writing, grammar (and all of its children and stepchildren) has always come easily to me.  And I’ve decided it’s time to put those skills to a broader use.

To that end (and here begins the quick “plug”), I am now offering my editing skills in an official and professional capacity.  For now, I’m going through Fiverr, and you can find me here.  I have some general gigs set up, based on standard requirements from clients; but I also accept custom orders, in order to allow for appropriate pricing of literally any project.


That said, if you don’t have an editor, check me out!  I have very competitive rates, and you can be sure I am accurate and good at what I do.  (And please feel free to share this post!)

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  1. April 5, 2016 at 3:11 pm

    I will definitely keep you in mind when I need one!

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